Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

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Since I have not posted on here in a while, I thought it might be appropriate today...Ahh the holidays. A time for giving. A time for sharing. This is what I would like to share:

Starting your own company can be a bit like that game of minesweeper. For a while you are only uncovering one block at a time in a grid of thousands. Yet, the learning curve is exponential and is anything but gradual. Today, I felt like I uncovered one of those magic squares where hundreds more opened up.

I was able to secure a very important contact for one of my media companies that will be a huge benefit to my clients at FreudTV. From there, it opened up a whole new world of contacts, that may again uncover another huge chunk of "minesweeper blocks."

If the metaphor has lost you at this point. Here is my lesson very simply put: Just when you think you are getting nowhere, just push a little further. Success can be right around the corner.

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