Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who says Im not using my degree

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The entrepreneurial lifestyle is such a bipolar dynamic. Yesterday was such a great day. I was told by my webprogrammer for FreudTV that it would be finished by 5pm, and I was busy testing and debugging Aesthetic Genetics for its live date next week. I actually had a full work day and felt like I was finally gelling. I even had lunch with my mom and kind of smirked under my breath as I saw all the corporate herds coming in and out of their

I was up until 11:30 pm last night and my web programmer for FreudTV was still telling me that the site would soon be up. I could wait no longer, but woke up around 5 am in a cold panic, realizing I hadn't actually seen any product from the new guy I hired on Sunday. I thought "Colleen you dumb*&% ! What if this guy has completely taken the piss and is sleeping soundly with his family. " I had already paid him, so what motivation would he have?

I saw that he was online this morning and told him my thought and asked him to atleast show me something because I couldn't wait any longer. He became rather upset and told me to shove it. Ok, he didn't tell me to shove it, but he said that he was going to refund my programming fees and only charge me for design, because he was "bothered" that i was accusing him of scamming me.

I hired him at 12:30 yesterday to fix my programming. I felt like I had just been punched in the gut. I immediately called him, thinking that it might help to hear my voice. He was obviously ruffled but finally relented, and agreed to finish the programming.

Lesson Learned- Sometimes electronic communication is not the best method. Humans need to hear actual humans some time. Tone can be misinterpreted and it certainly was in my case.

I guess being trained as a psychologist doesn't hurt either. My first instinct was to jump down his throat and ask him how he possibly could think anyone wouldn't be skeptical after not seeing any product after four days. However, I bypassed this notion and instead told him I appreciated how he could feel after working on something so long and being accused of the opposite. I explained to him how I felt vulnerable as a rookie entrepreneur and didn't want my site to reflect that during my first opening. This resulted in a much better outcome (1) he didn't hang up on me (2) he did not shoot a virus through my phone and zap my computer (3) my programming and complete website will be finished shortly (fingers crossed)

all in a day's work...

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