Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Entrepsychologist..

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Ok, so I've made up an entirely new word. I feel it is only right to give as much detail about what this phenomenon actually is. Unfortunately, I am still figuring this out myself.

So, it's funny being an entrepreneur. Kind of like riding a roller coaster. No, that was just a lazy cliche. If it were actually like riding a roller coaster, it would be fun at all times, even in the down part. However, it is not fun in the down part. I repeat. It is NOT fun in the down part.

Some days, I feel like I am really doing the right thing with my life. Take yesterday for example. I just got out of a two hour meeting with my web developer and was so pumped from seeing the site. It looks so sleek, and I really think it's going to impress future clients. I checked my phone and saw an email from a customer on Jason's site (Jason is my boyfriend) wanting to purchase around $1,000 of gear. Since I had created the shop through ebay earlier in the week, it was really gratifying to see it come to fruition. The entire ride home, I was cruising down the highway singing as loud as I could, thinking "this could be it."

However, those days are currently few and far between. There have been days where we have gone to Chili's (you will likely hear about this establishment a lot as it is one of our FAVES) and shared a diet coke. Really? Yes.

I am getting ready to put forward a significant amount of money to market another project, which will run in the nov/dec issue of a psychotherapy magazine. The magazine has 55,000 loyal subscribers and 144,000 readers. If the stat on marketing is true, and I get 1% return- I will have garnered 550 new subscribers to my project. Then, that will be well worth the money.

I keep questioning myself as I do this. Some days I have to remind myself that I do actually have a doctorate and am just as capable of being a successful entrepreneur as anyone else. Yet other days, I feel like a five year old setting up a lemonade stand.

So let me just start off by telling you how many different pies I have my hands in at the moment.

Book- I have completed the majority of a book about happiness, and am waiting to hear back from the publisher. I still have to write more query letters to other publishers in case this one falls through. I also have to add my references and fully complete the book.

Website 1- I have a consulting company that does everything from executive consulting to life coaching. I am needing to develop marketing material to send to corporations about my services and figure out how best to market myself. This also involves writing articles for various magazines and hoping someone publishes me so that I can plug my site.

Website 2- This site has been in the works since last year and should be ready for debugging next week. This will be the largest company I am running and is still super top secret... I have to write marketing material describing the company to doctors and lawyers, and hopefully establish relationships.

Website 3- This is the site I am most excited about. Probably because it is more related to my field. I am working on creating the ad that will run in a psychotherapy magazine and trying to scramble around enough money so there is room on my credit card for payment.

So today started with waking up, answering emails from J's ebay shop. I also got excited because we had another inquiry (which often translates to order) so that momentum was carried into me writing several high school and college field hockey coaches and telling them about our site. Next, I went to the gym for about an hour, returned home and started contacting graphic artists about my ad and seeing if someone can revamp it for me by Friday (when it is due). I also spent about an hour figuring out which credit card has enough room for this blood letting tomorrow.

Then, I set up and verified my paypal premier business account as well as my 1800 number for site number 3. Right now I am feeling very gratified that I have actually developed a full days work, but also a little stressed (but good stressed).

In other news, I received an email from a graduate student asking if she could interview me. She said the assignment was to interview one person who has reached all the goals she wants to accomplish in her career. Apparently she got me off of a psych directory. I can't believe someone wants to interview ME! I remember when I was that student (like four months ago) felt very good to have come full circle.

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