Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Socialites seek Prozac

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So, I was thumbing through my W fashion magazine and saw pictures of various socialites. I have never before heard these womens' names but apparently they were famous for simply being rich. I decided to look into this further and google them. Many of these women appeared to be privileged only out of sheer luck, the product of extraordinarily wealthy aristocrats...As Jason and I talked this over, we wondered why so many of them ended up addicted to some kind of illegal drug, or in a psychiatrists office being prescribed prozac. We came to the conclusion that they have nothing to strive for (see the third factor "learning" These socialites have nothing much to get up for other than the next party, with the same people. It is up to them to create some type of meaningful existence. The sad part is that they are usually too asleep in their drug of choice to come to this realization.

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