Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dark Side of Success

After hearing the news about the deaths of actress Jennifer Hudson's family and news anchor Anne Pressly over the weekend, I felt I should write a follow up to the "Entrepre-hater" blog. These events are tragic and relevant to the last blog in that they are extreme examples of how one's success can attract such hatred from others.

These women were guilty of nothing but achievement. Jennifer Hudson was a talented singer, discovered through American Idol and later burst into the Hollywood scene due to her enormous talent as both a singer and actress. Anchorwoman Anne Pressly, was a rising star herself in Little Rock, AK and recently nabbed a role in Oliver Stone's latest movie W.

However, the jealousy and envy that these women attracted caused horrific events to take place. Ms. Hudson's mother and brother were found murdered in their Chicago home and Anne Pressly was beaten so badly that she remained in intensive care for four days and later died.

I must say that it is quite sad that we live in a world where one's family can be at risk, or worse- your own life, just because you have acquired some success. While most people who have jealousy or envy will resort to scare tactics or insults, there are those few that are so miserable that they are willing to take that person's life- to remove them from existence, just out of hatred and spite. The irony is that if they only used a portion of the energy that was wasted on coveting someone else's life, they might have found some success in their own lives.

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