Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home...not so sweet home

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So recently I made the journey back to my hometown. I had a dream last night that I was flying, which usually is correlated with one feeling happy in their life. Despite the symbolism of this dream, I must say that it is very difficult to be an entrepreneur at home. In fact, I would be willing to venture that most entrepreneurs have made the move away from the original hometowns.

Besides the fact that I am going out to eat with relatives and friends at a rate of one meal/ every three seconds, and don't have time to put towards my companies...I am once again back in the comfort zone. If my businesses go completely belly up- I still have the safety net of knowing a roof will always be over my head.

On top of all of this- being an entrepreneur doesn't exactly lend itself to smooth conversations with family. While in graduate school, "what are you up to now?" was always a welcomed question. I enjoyed telling them whatever year I was, how many more years I had to go, and the job I was doing at that time.

Now, the question is a dreaded conversation. Within eight seconds of telling them about my various companies and what they are for, there eyes have already glazed over. This can be very disconcerting for a person who has spent the majority of their life in a structured environment such as academia. I can see now, why many people choose the normalcy of a "regular" job- it affords understandable conversations with others.

Success is a funny thing. You usually need to have an extraordinary amount of confidence in yourself to reach it, yet it's a difficult persona to maintain until you have achieved it. As rookie entrepreneurs we all have to maintain a brave and tenacious facade, with an underlying faith that we will eventually make it. Yet no one makes it easy for us along the way, sometimes not even those from where we came.

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