Friday, October 24, 2008


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This morning the lady on the news started her monologue with "TGIF folks, we are this close the weekend." This made me realize how many people actually still have this TGIF mentality, living for the weekends and becoming unconscious during the weekdays.

This is a horrible existence. I know this from personal experience. I used to be one of those people. I used to work 30 hours a week, attend graduate school full time, and work a practicum 8-10 hours a week. Somewhere in there, I fitted in studying and a social life. Although I have a degree to show for all that work, it was a wasted existence. I wasn't fully conscious in life.

In today's age, there are more and more people that are beginning to seek the path of entrepreneur. In the rise of computers and technology, we no longer need to be in a cubicle forty hours a week. We can fax from computers, have conferences through webcams, and send official documents through email. With all that extra time we are now afforded the luxury to figure out what we really want to do.

Being an entrepreneur usually means doing something no one else has done before. This entails understanding the market inside and out and knowing where its headed tomorrow. If you can do this (with a modicum of intelligence and a significant amount of drive), you no longer have to wait until Friday to live your life.

Although I was working on one of my websites around 10:30 last night, I was also surfing at 9 am on Monday morning. Determining your own career means determining your own life- every day. Here's to doing what you love, when you want. Happy trailblazing!

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